The constitution of CATC


The Croatian Association of Technical Culture (CATC) is the highest national institution of technical culture and gathers in it 19 county and 35 city technical culture communities, 18 national associations and the Technical Museum "Nikola Tesla". CATC, the county and city communities of technical culture, the associations of technical cultures and national associations of technical cultures are legal persons – associations of citizens founded according to the Law on Associations.

The Croatian Association of Technical Culture is run by: the Assembly consisting of the representatives of city and county communities of technical culture, national associations and the Technical Museum "Nikola Tesla", the Executive Board with 17 members, the Supervisory Board with 3 members, the President, Vice-president and the General Secretary.

The communities of technical culture, as a form of territorial integration of technical culture associations, are founded when there are at least three associations from different fields of technical culture active in a county or the City of Zagreb. A community of technical culture can be founded for a city area under the same conditions.

There should be at least three associations from the same field of technical culture active in the entire state, in order to establish a national association of technical culture. They are autonomous in their work and can be members of international associations. Associations, federations of associations, and institutions active in technical culture, join together to form national associations. These associations have governing bodies: the assembly, the executive body and working bodies, the administrative services and the supervisory board. They are financed through the state budget and state lottery funds, based on the criteria for public needs in technical culture, as well as through their own activity.







The national associations of technical culture are:

  • Croatian Association of School Cooperatives,
  • Croatian Astronautical and Rocketry Association,
  • Croatian Association of RC Model Cars,
  • Croatian Astronomical Union
  • Croatian Film Clubs’ Association,
  • Croatian Photographic Union,
  • Croatian Sailing Association,
  • Croatian Canoe Federation,
  • Croatian Amateur Radio Association,
  • Croatian Diving Association,
  • Croatian Ship Modelers’ Association,
  • Croatian CB Radio Clubs’ Association,
  • Croatian Informatics Clubs Association,
  • Croatian Technical culture Pedagogues’ Association,
  • Croatian Aeronautical Federation,
  • Croatian Robotics Association, and
  • Union of Croatian Innovators.
  • Scouts Croatia


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